Initial Town (Round 1)

The PCs have still not discovered the name of this town, so it is not included (yet).

Our party of adventurers initially found themselves outside of a small town, surrounded by 8-foot walls. The town generally does not allow weaponry inside its walls. However, the party of adventurers successfully assisted the town in defeating a small orc attack. In their gratitude, the town made an exception for the adventurers, allowing them to retain their equipment while inside its walls.

    The Initial Town contains the following shops:

  • ? – the Blacksmith

  • ? – the Butcher

  • Dogs ‘n Frogs – the pet store

  • Gurn’s Goodies – a shop of curiosities

  • Raj’s Lodges – a local tavern

Candlebrook (Round 1)

Candlebrook was the second town the party encountered. However, the town is almost completely destroyed. The only two things remaining intact are the fountain in the center of the town , which the party discovered was a strange trapdoor of some sort into a cavern, and the Temple of Isis, which contains all of the town’s survivors, and has been significantly defaced by the orcs.

Springdale (Round 2)

Springdale is a halfling town where the (new) party members awoke to find themselves imprisoned for the murder of the mayor’s daughter, Arlyna. The town is primarily an agricultural town that trades for most other living supplies that they need with the other nearby towns.

Torduin (Round 1)

The Fortress is far larger than any other town the adventurers have seen thus far, significantly surpassing the others. The town contains nearly everything an adventurer could possibly want. The Fortress is located over water and is divided into sections (similar to Vivec from The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind).

    The districts include:

  • Farming

  • Lower Housing

  • Upper Housing

  • Shopping

  • The Barracks

  • The Temple of Era

  • The Temple of the Great Mother

  • More to be included when I’m home and have access to the full list…

Zar’Fell (Round 1)

Zar’Fell is a large manor. Located east north-east of The Fortress, it appears to be the stronghold of the orcs that have been destroying the area. Although it has been under construction by the orcs for some time, it is somewhat fortified and is well defended. Nearly 200 orcs live in the vicinity of Zar’Fell, mostly outside the manor in much smaller shacks and cottages. The adventurers discovered that the manor was constructed upon a dwarven burial chamber — essentially a crypt — which was full of the undead spirits of the dwarves buried there. After defeating them, they further discovered a deceitful yet beautiful woman living in the crypt.


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