Strange Happenings

Summary 2
From then til now
Vish, Fred, Nope, and V prepared to head out to the forest again to find the flowers that the gnome requested – blue flowers with red thorns – and chose this time to exit through the eastern gate of the city. They exited the eastern gate and traveled a short distance over a small river and to the forest. Shortly after arriving in the forest, the adventurers came upon the flowers for which they sought. However, as they approached the flowers, they were ambushed by a few orcs hiding behind a large rock formation, who attacked them with javelins as they drew near. Upon dispatching the small band of orcs, the adventurers noticed about a dozen javelins behind the rock where the orcs were hiding, and also saw a camp almost 100 feet away with a live campfire. However, considering their injuries, they chose to collect the flowers they needed and head back to town. As the party approached the edge of the forest, Nope noticed an orc hiding behind a large bush. Another was behind the same rock formation on the side they’d come from, who attacked them with javelins as they stood there. As Fred tried to sneak around to backstab the orc, he was quickly dispatched by other orcs hiding behind the bushes. Suddenly, a wolf ran over and dragged Fred’s unconscious body toward the party before running back around the left side of the bushes (the opposite side from the adventurers). With bows and slings, they eliminated the orc, but just as his corpse fell to the ground, pillars of fire came raining down behind the bushes in front of them, followed almost immediately by a lightning bolt shooting from behind the bushes toward the fallen orc. As the party cautiously passed the large bushes, they noticed nearly a dozen orc corpses, and a gnome standing next to the previously spotted wolf, and a strange flying creature that none of them recognized. The gnome told them to be careful, but offered them little information. The gnome – who did not share his name – warned them that there were many orcs in the area and that they were ravaging the natural wilderness here as well as the towns and villages. He then bid them farewell and wandered off into the forest. The party returned to the town. Vish and another of the party members (sorry, I can’t remember who…) had thanked the gnome and walked off immediately to return to the town. The rest of the party, after finishing their conversation with the unknown gnome, returned to the town without any further incidents and gave Gurn a sack full of the flowers he requested (in exchange for am empty sack), and he paid them 20 gold. When the other adventurers caught up, Vish gave everyone their 5 gold, and they all returned to the tavern. As they all relaxed in the tavern, a strange man came in, and everyone suddenly gathered around him. He ran a small casino game, in which the player drew a card and were paid 1:1 if they won. Fred chose to play, but lost several gold pieces. Shortly after that, the man got up to leave. As he left, Fred decided to pickpocket him to retrieve his money. However, the mysterious cloaked figure in the corner, who seems to always be in the tavern, seated in the same corner, watching quietly, spotted him, dashed over to Fred and tied him up. He then went to retrieve the guards to arrest him, but as he returned, Fred got himself untied. The mysterious cloaked man then tied him up again, while the guards conversed with those around about what had happened.Fred was arrested (again) and was escorted out of the tavern into the city streets to the now-familiar jail. During this time, the crazy human had attempted to run a fundraiser to raise money so he could purchase a house in town. He was slightly successful and was able to raise a very small amount of gold. Sadly, since no one would buy his falcon, he cooked it and managed to scrounge about a full days’ meals out of it, which he saved.

[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[] End Session 3 []{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]

The next morning, with Fred still in jail, Vish, V, Aierethel, Nope, and the crazy human went downstairs into the main area of the tavern. After getting breakfast from Juan Raj, the tavernkeeper, they noticed a new post on the bulletin board. A note was posted saying, “I need someone to go to a nearby town for me and retrieve an item. -G” As they left the tavern on their way back to Gurn’s shop to get more information, they noticed a new sign outside saying “Raj’s Lodges”. He told them that the item was in the nearby town of Candlebrook, but that was all he really knew. So they departed for Candlebrook, which was a half day’s journey to the east from the town where they were (which they still didn’t know the name of).
They encountered a couple of orcs along the way, which they easily dispatched, and arrived at the town of Candlebrook only to find the gates significantly damaged and no people in sight. As the party quietly entered, Aierethel quickly dispatched an orc sentry, apparently the only one watching the door, and with Vish’s help, quickly disguised the body to appear asleep, not that the orcs would find that acceptable either, but at least it wouldn’t immediately raise an alarm. While they were hiding the body, a young orc child came and tried to pickpocket the crazy human, but he noticed the small orc, so the orc ran away and into a tiny building to the north of the main road in the town. As they looked north, they saw an expansive stone temple that extended from the small path all the way to the town square (almost 100 ft), and to their left as they faced the northbound path, there were many small, mostly-destroyed houses. The only one that seemed in-tact was the one the child ran into. The party slowly and quietly approached the house the child had gone into. When they reached the door, Aierethel knocked, and a female orc answered. When she saw that it was an elf, she slammed the door in Aierethel’s face and began to ring a loud bell inside the house. Nope broke down the door and stepped into the room, raising his warhammer to kill her, but it slipped out of his grasp and landed next to two young orcs cowering in the back of the small house. As he went to pick it up, she stopped ringing the bell and advised he not do that. In great confusion, he paused and inquired as to why.
Meanwhile, V and Vish noticed that there were orcs closing in around them from both directions of the small road they were on. The orc told them that the only chance they had to survive was to lay down their weapons and leave. So after a short deliberation, they set their weapons down and surrendered. Upon inquiring about other weapons, the adventurers denied it. However, after she rang the bell once, they felt compelled to tell her the truth and admit to any hidden weapons they had. These weapons were also turned over to the orcs and the party was escorted out of Candlebrook by nearly a dozen orcs.
Since this hadn’t taken too long, the party decided that they still had enough time to get back to town is it got dark, so they began venturing back, weaponless. But again, they were ambushed by orcs hiding in the bushes near the path. The first two threw javelins into Nope, and the party quickly adapted and took the javelins out of Nope, leaving him bleeding and going to kill the orcs. The crazy human quickly tended to Nope, keeping him from bleeding to death, while the others killed the orcs. After being ambushed again by orcs and barely surviving, the party reached the town they had come from and quickly went to the temple to be healed. When they returned to the tavern, Aierethel approached the mysterious cloaked figure, in his usual corner. While they were talking, he offered her a grappling hook to Aierethel, saying “you might need this.” Although unsure of his motives, she graciously accepted it before having dinner with the rest of the party and retiring for the night.
The next morning, they arose early, went to Gurn’s and learned of a bell and dagger in the town, both of which he wanted – but most importantly the bell – and headed back to Candlebrook without incident. When they arrived, they knew the gate was out of the question, so they tried to come up with a new plan. As they stood outside, to the north of the gate, and deliberated what to do, a pigeon came flying by and dropped a note in front of the crazy one. A slightly larger bird followed, and dropped a 50-foot rope in front of him as well. Confused, but knowing there was little time before they would probably be spotted, Aierethel quickly picked up the rope and tied it to her new grappling hook. She then threw it over the 20-foot wall, checked it for safety, and the party – one by one – climbed up to the top of the wall, which was clearly designed so that guards could patrol it or archers defend from it in times of war. Meanwhile, Nope picked up the note and read it: “Please seek out my brother, Ahntew, in Candlebrook. -Juan.”
Aierethel dropped down carefully onto the roofs of the houses on the other side, and peeked into the roof of the house where the female orc had previously been, but there was no sign of anyone there. So she dropped into one of the the adjacent houses carefully and looked around outside to ensure no one was coming. Accompanied by Vish, who descended the same way, she went to the side of the temple and saw iron bars inside the broken stained-glass windows. She threw the grappling hook, wrapped it around one of the sets of bars, and climbed up onto a ledge about 20 feet above the ground. After Vish followed, Aierethel unhooked the grappling hook from its previous location and threw it up over the top, where it shattered a window and caught. So she pulled herself up and jumped across the now-broken window onto the more solid (and safer) part of the roof. Vish also climbed up to the top, and the two lowered the rope to the ground for the others. Slowly, the others made their way up to the roof, although V seemed to have particular trouble. When V finally managed to climb all the way up, he lost his footing as he jumped across the window and fell down through the window onto the temple floor 40 ft below him. Unsure if V was dead, the party hurried Aierethel as she gathered up the rope, tied knots in it, hooked the grappling hook securely over the edge of the outside of the temple, broke the window next to the one that V had just fallen through, and tossed the rope down. The party quickly climbed down without too much trouble, and tended to V. Once he was significantly further from death, they stood up and looked around the massive temple.
Four columns stood in the center of the temple, spanning floor to ceiling – simple columns but with snakes wrapping around them for their entire height. Two large doors were barricaded shut on the eastern wall, so highly that any carvings or inscriptions in them were hidden behind all manner of objects. Three stone statues on small altars sat at the southern end of the temple, and the northern end of the temple was filled by a massive statue of a friendly-looking naga with a large altar before it. The crazy human discovered an inscription upon the altar on the north side above a hidden button that said “May Isis protect us in our time of most need.” He pointed it out to Aierethel, who quickly pressed it (making the crazy one sad), and the large stone altar split down the middle revealing three levers (Up, Down, Up, relative to the two standing next to the altar). When the crazy human quickly pushed the middle lever, one of the statues in the back of the room slid backward to reveal a staircase down.
When the heroes descended the staircase, they discovered a dimly lit cave. A heavily armored human man holding a morningstar approached them and welcomed them. He assured them that if they were able to find the steps, then Isis approved of their presence there. He informed the adventurers that this was a shelter created in case the city was ever attacked and the defenses fell. He also offered them rooms to stay in and information about their missing weapons. He told them that word travels fast when things happen around the town, even if they’re all stuck underground. Finally, when the adventurers inquired about a man named Ahntew, the man before them pointed to the bar where many people were gathered.
As the players made their way about to find somewhere to rest and recover, they realized there were two dominant races in the area: humans and catfolk. Having never seen them before, the catfolk intrigued the adventurers…

[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[] End Session 4 []{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]

Note: at this point, the posts here are caught up to our current campaign.

The beginning to now... almost
When the adventure began, the PCs – all having the same dream at the same time (with each other), but not knowing anyone else in the dream – were tied to chairs in a room where they were facing outward in a circle. Upon untying themselves or each other (or in one case, burning the ropes off, since they wouldn’t come off any other way), they found a well in the center, which very shortly thereafter had a man slumped over it for a rather long while. Looking around the large stone 40×40ft room, the adventurers noticed torches around the room. When removed from their sconces, these torches were instantly replaced by another, but when removed from the room, they instantly dissipated. In addition to these curiosities, they found a door to a very dark room with a pedestal holding a small chest (about 12″×6″×6″). Deenah the half-orc barbarian walked into the room and examined the chest. However, when others tried to enter the room, they panicked or passed out. Meanwhile, near the well in the center of the room, Sir Pentt, the human paladin, found a flask on the ground. Using one of the ropes that the party had been tied up with, he lowered the flask into the well and filled it with the mysterious liquid. However, when he tried to carry it away from the well, After quite a bit of time trying to get the aforementioned box, the darkness cleared, and Deenah took the chest out of the room. Opening the box and looking in, it appeared to contain a cosmic-themed material (black/purple with white stars) on the bottom. Seeing nothing she deemed interesting, Deenah closed the box and brought it along with her.

After a bit more time, Aierethel and the crazy man (who had introduced himself as both “Greg” and “Steve”) found a door in the far corner with the help of a mysterious, tiny, dragonesque creature that appeared in the room and motioned toward a hidden button.

When Aire pressed the button, a hidden door in the back corner opened to reveal a hallway. Upon following this hallway to a corner, turning that corner, and progressing further down the hallway, at which point most of the party had grouped up and were all progressing through the hall into a darkened room. When the players stepped into this room, however, the room lit up, the eight goblins sleeping there attempted to flee through the door. Three died, the rest escaped. When the players followed, they found a ladder and descended to a room full of lizardmen, all but one of whom died. The rest fled through another door with a ladder down behind it. At the bottom of this ladder was a gargoyle, who knocked half the party unconscious. His room was empty, the players ascended the several ladders back into the original room with the well. They found another door in this room that led to a strange status. As they examined the statue, the floor fell from under them, and they all fell..

..Until they woke up.

[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[] End Session 1 []{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]

When the adventurers awoke, they were in their own beds in their own homes. As it was morning, they decided to leave their homes to go outside, as they do every day. However, as each character left his/her home, he/she was magically teleported into a tavern, containing only the adventurers, the tavernkeeper, and a bard. When Nope the human decided to go upstairs, he collided with an invisible barrier and shortly thereafter sat on the floor. The aforementioned crazy human opened the door, resulting in a tremendous blast of wind, which knocked everyone back and sent him flying across the room, nearly landing on top of the sitting Nope. When the adventurers looked out the door, they saw only sky and clouds. When they turned around, the bard was gone.

After a short time, the tavern descended at a reasonably slow pace until it gently hit the ground. The adventurers, rather uncomfortable at this point, exited the tavern one by one. However, when they turned around, there was no sign of the tavern. In front of them, to the east, about 300 feet away down a dirt road, was what appeared to be a small town protected by a 12-foot stone wall. One guard stood on either side of a 6-foot tall portcullis. Deenah the barbarian sprinted with unmatched speed toward the gates, while the other adventurers began to casually walk up the road. Before having traveled even 20 feet, they were beset by a small band of orcs, who knocked Nope and Fred, the halfling, onto the ground unconscious. But the crazy human, dressed in the clothing of a healer, quickly stepped up to them and helped to bring them around. The adventurers quickly proceeded to the gates of the town. At the gates, they were allowed entry only upon giving up their weapons (except, of course, for those successfully concealed or bluffed), with the promise of their return upon departure of the town. The only exception was Nope’s family heirloom warhammer, which was granted an exception, but with great repercussions if any trouble came about.

Oh, and Fred got arrested for attempting to pickpocket one of the guards… So he was quickly escorted to jail…

The party of adventurers made their way into the town, barely armed, and found a seemingly bright and cheery town, but with many residents who seemed to be uneasy. They were able to gather from the residents around the town that there have been orc attacks in the area, and many have taken place not far from the very town where the adventurers had just arrived. As it was still mid-morning, they made their way about the town and discovered a tavern whose sign could not be read, but was clear by the mug of ale on it. The adventurers went into the tavern and found a small bulletin board of local jobs. Seeing one with a signature that caught their eye (for unknown reasons), they asked around the tavern if anyone knew where they could find the “G” who signed the note looking for someone to fetch him some berries. However, they were unable to gain any certain information, until a gnome stood in the tavern doorway. Time seemed to stop around them, and the adventurers noticed that no one except for them was able to move. The gnome told them that he had some work and believed that they would be able to help him, and should meet him at his store in the northwest corner.
However, when they arrived, they found his shop closed and locked, as evening was coming on, and many of the stores in this town seemed to close rather early. So they went back to the tavern to relax. About an hour after they arrived there, a very large orc came in, stood inside the doorway, and played the bagpipes. The entire tavern seemed enthralled, and the party members felt themselves unable to move. After he finished, he left without a sound. The only one who was not inside the tavern at the time was Nope, who had chosen to spend some time outside on the bench out front. He saw the large orc approach, but he did not seem to be threatening anyone, and the guard seemed not to notice him. So Nope watched the orc play the bagpipes and suddenly felt himself unable to move. After a few moments, the orc stopped playing and walked out of the town square toward the eastern gate and out of sight.
Also inside the tavern, Aierethel noticed a man sitting alone at a table in the corner in a dark cloak, with a completely hidden face. She approached him and he seemed rather gruff and to-the-point, but not unfriendly. However, he would not give her any useful information.
They entered the small shop, and were immediately greeted by a friendly gnome inside. He informed them that he only needed some berries to complete a potion he was working on. The party members looked around the shop and it contained many an oddity – mostly scrolls and potions, but he told them that for 5 gold, they could see his rather stunning spoon collection. No one took him up on that offer, but they did agree to go and fetch his berries. He even informed them that he could probably pull some strings to have the man who was arrested at the gate pulled out on account of a “misunderstanding.” So they agreed, regrouped, and departed from the town through the west gate and followed the south side of the town around until they found a small forest. They searched lightly into forest and found the berries, but also found several orcs that attempted to stop their berry-collecting venture. They dispatched the orcs and returned to G’s shop for a small reward of 5 gold each.
That night, they stayed in the tavern that they had previously found in the town square. Sir Pentt made quite the ruckus while consuming his several cups of mead, and many of the other party members shortly thereafter went upstairs to rest from their rather chaotic day. The two females – Vish, a 5’6" blue eyed human who seemed to keep her composure no matter the situation, and Aierethel, who had seemed quite at home in the woods that day, roomed together. Fred and Nope also roomed together. The crazy human and Deenah, the half-orc, both decided to spend the night outside, rather than pay to stay in the inn.
And Sir Pentt was escorted up to a room after causing such a ruckus that the tavernkeeper only allowed him to stay because he felt that no one should have to spend the night on the streets during times like these.
Shortly after Deenah and the crazy man left the tavern, they went to look around town for a pet shop. When they found it, Deenah leaned on the window to see what was inside and accidentally broke it. Figuring they might as well take a look around, the two went inside through the now-broken window. Deenah took a dog, the crazy man took a falcon, and they both left some gold on the counter. However, when they exited the building, they were very confused to see several guards and other people standing there waiting for them. They were fined for breaking and entering and charged for the pets and then allowed to go, as it became very evident to the guards that it had been a complete accident and misunderstanding. Neither of them slept well, as when they tried to sleep on a bench, they were rudely awakened – the crazy man had actually been picked up and thrown onto the ground by one of the guards – but they made it through the night.
The next morning, they all awoke, came downstairs, and had some more of the delicious breakfast goop that they’d had the day before (and after eating it, Sir Pentt seemed unusually… well… for how much alcohol he’d consumed the previous night), and shortly thereafter, a gnome ran inside, stuck something on the bulletin board, and ran back out. The group went to see it and it said “Seeking help. Need someone to fetch me some flowers for a potion. -G” so the party went back to G’s store and found out that he wanted them to go to the east end of town and either close by in the forest or further out into the fields, they could find a blue flower with red thorns, and he needed that for his potion. So they chose to accept.

[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[] End Session 2 []{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]{}[]


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