{>PRESUMED DEAD<} Vervaxamas Veneficirex Garvei

I'm not a Wizard, goddamnit.



Name – Vervaxamas Veneficirex Garvei – abbr. V
Race – Human (anatomically at least, mentally – questionable at best)
Class – Sorcerer
Alignment – Chaotic Good
Familiar – Raven (Vodan, one eye blind and 45-degree scarred, other eye golden, silver flecked wings)
Height – approx. 6’0" Weight – approx. 190 lbs. Age – approx. 19 (who really knows? he doesn’t anymore/yet)


- Primary color – midnight purple || Secondary colors – black, silver, midnight blue, gold
- overly wide brimmed drooping wizard-y hat
- face can almost never be seen, seems shrouded from every angle no matter how light refracts, as if his magic reflects his shame, “seen some shit” aura
- exaggerated full body cloak, long wide sleeves, worn and understated but impressive (in a regal bearing way)
- long, thin fingers, surprisingly well manicured
- obscured arms are fully tattooed with ancient writing – script since forgotten (by him and likely the world)
- gaunt face, slightly bloodshot golden eyes, surprisingly warm smile if ever seen
- medium long unkempt silver hair, uneven waves, tied up inside the hat (invisible outside the shroud)
- oversized archaic blank spellbook carried on back, chained shut, “can feel the power”, (used as a focus and pack replacement (retains weight)) (giant unrecognizable arcane sigil on the front)

(See embedded images – Closer to 1 (on the left, dummy) but with elements of 2, less metal)
1: 4f43774107df8ea0d3f7d0587d39b3427567ecb7ab5b400f4c5190034f69b9c9_1.jpg

2: veigar_conqueror_of_worlds_by_war_off_evil-d7u7h18.jpg


- believes magic itself is “giving form to feelings”
- varied casting styles, different spells and emotional states produce slightly different phenomena, “opening/breaking a door”, “following/carving a path”
- “stardust effect” “harness the power of the universe” (general space/void/universe theme)
- gentle casts “hauntingly beautiful” “space(time) bends and shimmers”
- forceful casts “space unwillingly torn” “viscerally wrong” “lasting scars in the air”
- affinities – Elemental (strongest: wind/fire, weakest: earth), Vorpal, Barrier, Summoning, Fantastical Conjuring/Alchemy, Illusion
- disinclinations – Rational Conjuring/Alchemy, Healing, Protection, Enchantment, Necromancy
- spell components – pouch filled with stardust and small quantities of rare earth metals
- mainly evoker, with conjurer and illusionist undertones
- slowly building back trust in humanity/himself, doesn’t cast for others, only for himself, use of magic will evolve as he levels and confronts the past



- born in an unassuming human village on the dark side of the world (think Alaska/PacNW wilderness vibes)
- left the womb staring into an eclipse, “became one with the universe”, village fortune teller – “his heart burns with the fire of the stars, but that flame will remain shrouded in darkness”
- often communed with nature as a child playing in the forest
- things happened
- grew up as a wanderer learning to control and harness his powers, trying to make up for his mistakes / follow his “justice”
- took various guild quests and party adventures in search of meaning, quickly became the strongest magician in the area at a young age
- got to know his fellow strongest adventurers from their difficult quests together, slowly developed the family that he never had (mentor figure / romance flag / etc.)
- things happened
- amnesia (sort of)

{>PRESUMED DEAD<} Vervaxamas Veneficirex Garvei

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