Priestess of the Temple of Era


Tellahna is the priestess of the Temple of Era. Generally seen wearing dark grey robes with a fuschia trim, those who have looked upon her have been astounded by her beauty.

Standing approximately 5’4", her features are impeccably clean, and her face the image of perfection. Her soft, flowing cherry-brown hair accentuates her bright green eyes.

To those who have been “blessed” enough, as the priestess would put it, have seen her with her robes removed. Most — of most races — are awed by the mere sight of her, a flawless elf in a matching hunter green leather corset and skirt, accentuated with black, further accentuated by her black, skin-tight, lace-up boots.

Although she rarely speaks outside the temple, her soft, calming voice is a comfort to those who seek refuge in her temple.



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