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Yet Another Catchup Post... Sorry!


Okay, so I’m going to try to be better with keeping this updated.

Summary version of what’s happened since my last post:

After saving the town they were staying in (note: they STILL don’t know the name of it…), they traveled back to Candlebrook and from there headed north.

A lot of chaos happened, including:
– A mimic killing two party members (due to a mistake by Nope…)
– The discovery of a tied up pony (which was left in Candlebrook in the temple when they returned to rest and heal)
– The fountain in the center of Candlebrook vanished when the crazy cleric paddled around it in a circle (in a barrel), revealing a cavern where they eventually found a glowing sword with imagery of Isis

Eventually they found a large fort surrounded my a monstrous chasm, 50 feet wide and continuing further down than any of them could see. They eventually figured out a way to enter the town, with the assistance of the guards patrolling the walls. The town, laid out over a large lake and containing bridges between different areas of the town, contained two temples – one to Era and one to the Great Mother. Certain characters favored Era’s temple, while others called it a whorehouse (which is not entirely inaccurate…) and preferred the Temple of the Great Mother. Barrick and the crazy cleric managed to see the priestess of the temple of Era, who would only see a single person at any time, and when Barrick left, he seemed… rather different. He was completely infatuated with the priestess of the temple (and has been ever since).

Eventually the party left the town and headed into the woods in search of some food. However, this ended badly when a bear mauled Vish to death – with a little help from a Confusion spell cast by the party’s favorite cleric, forcing the party to return to town. They chose to leave Vish with the priestess of Era, rather than the High Priest of the Great Mother in the other temple. They were informed that the ceremony could take some time, and that they would be informed when it was complete via a messenger of the temple.

So the party set off without Vish, heading back to the south where they were told previously the orc stronghold could be found. As they traveled, the road became harder and harder to follow, and they began to depend on Aierethel’s tracking abilities. She successfully navigated them through the overgrown brush and through a forest, where they camped. However, while they were setting up camp, Aier read the inscription upon her sword to herself, but just barely out loud. When she uttered the final word, a small cottage appeared in front of them, offering them protection from their harsh surroundings while they rested. When they awoke, they re-equipped themselves for the harsh brush of the forest surrounding them. After everyone else left, Aier left and closed the door behind her. As she closed it, the cottage instantly vanished before her eyes. After a short time, she was able to pick up the tracks she was following and resume following them. Suddenly, the forest vanished and before them hovered a wall of thick fog, ten feet high, and so thick that Aier couldn’t see her hand in front of her face, much less the tracks she had followed thus far. This brought the party to a halt, while they discussed what to do from here.

The group quickly reached a consensus that their best bet was to trudge through the fog and hope for the best. As they approached the fog, with Aier still in the lead, she drew her glowing sword. Holding the sword before her as she walked into the fog, she noticed it split the fog every so slightly, just enough to grant her confidence that if something appeared in front of her, she wouldn’t be caught entirely by surprise. As she walked slowly through the fog, she tripped over something large, but quickly caught her balance. She quickly pointed the sword down at the object to see what it was.

A gentle blow to her side pulled Vish from her dream of frolicking through fields with a bear, and as she opened her eyes she barely saw a glowing sword pointed directly at her chest through thick fog. Calling out to the wielder of the sword, she and Aier were reunited and trudged the rest of the way through the fog with the rest of the party behind them.

When they reached the other side, Vish was reunited with the rest of the party, and they saw before them a massive field, in the center of which was a mansion being reconstructed… by orcs. The party walked around the massive field, staying on the edge of the fog the whole way to conceal themselves. One side contained vast housing in the form of huts and cottages, with orcs walking about. They eventually managed to kidnap an orc, enthrall him (via the crazy cleric’ spell), and gain some information to assist them in entering the manor unnoticed. Using the information they gained from the orc, they managed to get inside through the rubble in the southwest corner of the manor. Aier decided to walk in the back to watch the rear. As they ventured through the manor, killing orcs they encountered along the way, Vish eventually noticed that Aier had vanished. She told the party, but they all agreed that splitting up would be a bad idea. The cleared about 3/4 of the floor when they found a secret door in a sarcophagus leading to a basement.

They climbed down into the basement into a small dark room. They made their way through the small dark room into another small room. The cleric decided to sleep here for a while, saying he’d catch up eventually. The others left the room and encountered a series of trapped chambers. Eventually, they managed to get through them, using a secret door to circumvent a glyph, and found themselves in a dwarven burial chamber. They killed the wight in the chamber and made their way back into the main chamber of the crypt, where there were six doors: one leading to the room containing the glyph, one on the opposite wall, and two on each of the other walls. This room also contained several sarcophagi lining the walls. They went into two of the other side doors, one of which contained one sarcophagus, a small amount of money, and a shadow, and the other containined two sarcophagi and a chest, probably holding the valuables of whomever was buried there. They quickly and excitedly tried to open the chest. Upon attempting to open it, however, they were attacked by two dark wispy creatures (allips), which proceeded in greatly unwisening the monk and druid before being destroyed. The party, exhausted after all the traps and undead encounters, chose to rest in one of the burial chambers, as it was the safest place they had access to.

Note: The door on this side of the glyph – they had learned the hard way – would set off a huge explosion in the room containing the glyph, and the secret door they had used to get past it would not open from this side – they tried..

Aaaaand we’re caught up again!


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