Strange Happenings

Welcome to your new home!

The guards approached the large blue wall, and a section of the wall went down one row at a time starting from the top. The party and the guards continued through the wall, which went back up after they had all passed through. After a very short walk (during which the party was unable to see through the wall of guards), the party arrived, still surrounded by the guards, at a small, single-floor building.

After processing, you were escorted down a hallway into a small stone room, where you were blindfolded again. You were then escorted through a portcullis, down stone steps, and through another portcullis. Things then went eerily silent and you were walked for a little while with a couple turns. The only sound you heard was each portcullis rising and falling. After a short walk, you heard another portcullis raised. You were then walked down another set of steps, where it started to get slightly colder and the ground was almost damp, at that strange point where it’s difficult to tell whether it’s cold or wet. At the end of the steps was another portcullis. After going through that portcullis, the silence took over again (you could hear the expected sounds of clinking armor and keys and such while on the steps), and you felt incredibly uncomfortable — not the cold or the dampness… something you just couldn’t put your finger on. After a short distance walking on this level, you go through another portcullis and begin down another set of steps. As you descend these steps, the air around you feels significantly colder and wetter than before. The guards open yet another portcullis and walk you forward a short distance, after which they stopped. After a moment, something slammed into the back of your skull and you fell forward onto the cold, damp stone of the floor…


KnightShadeX KnightShadeX

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