Strange Happenings


When the party awoke, they realized they had been in a dream…

They stood in the room with the red carpet, with an unconscious Nope lying on the floor of the room half under the door he had just ripped off its hinges. V attempted to pick up the door and place it back in the doorway. Shortly after that, while the party was discussing what to do, Tellahna came to the doorway…

Here’s a quick summary of what followed

  • Barrick attacked Vish.
  • Vish, with V’s help, killed Barrick.
  • Fred, seeing Vish curb stomp Barrick, shot V.
  • Fred and Vish made up (but not out) because Tellahna forced them to or she wouldn’t let them leave (wtf?).
  • Tellahna told them they could leave as long as they didn’t touch anything and unlocked the door behind them.
  • They went out into the main chamber
  • Fred trolled the group and slapped a sarcophagus
  • Much stone rumbled
  • Vish panicked and ripped open the air-locked door behind them (N20 STR check).
  • The sudden sever change in air pressure caused items to be sucked into the room, passing over the glyph in the next room and resulting in an explosion with a chain reaction following, resulting in…



KnightShadeX KnightShadeX

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