Strange Happenings

The rest of the crypt...

After a short rest, the party resumed their venture in the crypt beneath the manor. Crossing the hall, the rogue unlocked the door and the party quickly entered the room, finding it identical to the last room they had cleared out. Upon defeating two mummies that rose out of the two sarcophagi in this room, they examined the treasures contained in this room – more magical items. They distributed these items as appropriate, leaving a set of full plate mail behind, and left the room to explore the contents of the last door. After several tries, Fred the Ugly finally managed to unlock the door, but when he attempted to open it, the room went dark for a moment. Light returned and the party scattered: Nope stayed at the door, the crazy cleric hid in the room where the mummies had been, and the others spread out in the large central chamber in which they stood. The room went black again, and when the lights came up, they realized that Fred the Ugly had vanished.

Nope led the party into a small, wide room with a red carpet in the center of the floor running nearly the length of the room from their left to their right. As he stepped into the room, a high-pitched screaming, similar to that of a banshee, rang throughout the chamber, nearly deafening the adventurers. When they regained their composure, the party saw three doors in the room, each with a torch on either side. in addition to the one through which they had entered – one in the center of each wall. The door to their left led to a simple storage room with nothing of great value. The door to their right led to an empty but strangely clean room. The third door, however, the one opposite the door they had come into the room through, opened into a large room situated like a sitting or living room. It contained a sofa, a smaller sofa (similar to a love seat), several chairs, and a few small tables. The party also noticed a coffin in the room, approximately the size of an elf. As they came through the door, a familiar elf stood before them, as only Barrick had seen her before, in a corset and leather skirt. This time, however, they were a dark green colour.

The elf introduced herself as Tellahna, and Barrick nearly cried out in joy at seeing his “Mistress,” as he constantly called her. However, unlike in past times that they had encountered her, she seemed very ambiguous with her wording, almost as though she had never met them but was trying to hide it without outright lying. After several minutes of conversing, she informed the party that she could get them out, but only under the condition that one of them stayed with her. Both Greg (as the crazy cleric was now calling himself) and Barrick volunteered, but the other party members – Vish, Nope, and Vervaxamas Veneficirex Garvei, refused to leave both of their healers behind. So Greg joined the others and they left Barrick alone with Tellahna. They followed Tellahna’s directions, returning to the clean, empty room. The door closed behind them and they felt as though thy were in an elevator traveling very quickly upwards. After all of them had fallen, the room went black and then fully white, so much that they could no longer see…


KnightShadeX KnightShadeX

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