Strange Happenings

The Basement: Round 2

The party, having just been thrown into the basement, made their way toward the monster they had chosen to slay, rather than face the orcs above. They found a few strange differences in the layout of the rooms and hallways in the basement. They also discovered that all the traps in the basement were reset and all of the doors relocked. Several rooms into the basement, they discovered Winker.

After discovering Winker, the party made their way back through the crypt, eventually arriving at the room where the creature waited. When Nope attempted to open the door, he ripped it off the hinges and everything faded to black, then to bright white, then back to normal. Nope, holding the door in front of him like a shield, slowly made his way into the room. The rest of the party entered the room (except Vish, who waited just outside) and spread out, facing the creature before them. She who had previously introduced herself as Tellahna looked at them, watching intently in her green and black armor, as they entered the room and spread out. When the party appeared ready, Barrick put a fire trap on the door held by Nope, and Nope attempted to throw it at her (but completely missed). Tellahna spoke a few words and Nope found himself unable to move, standing held in position, as though by magic, as she fought the other party members. After a minute or two, Tellahna yelled “STOP!” The party yielded, unsure of what was happening in the chaos of combat. Tellahna offered to them that if they leave her armor (which Nope was wearing) and scythe (which Barrick was wielding), she’d allow them to leave. They merely needed to return to the same room as previously and drink the potion there. Unconfident in their ability to defeat her, as V was nearly out spells, they chose to listen and left the room and each drank a potion…


KnightShadeX KnightShadeX

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