Strange Happenings

Quick Summary - Minimal Details

Attack on... the town they're in!

So the party awoke in the temple, had some breakfast goop from Ahntew Raj, the bartender, and left the temple. With some help from some past guard members who were in the temple, they unbarricaded the front door and defeated the otyugh that the orcs seemed to have left there to guard the door. They then left the guards, who rebarricaded the door, and made their way back to the previous town. When they finally made it back, they talked around town for the rest of the day and went to the tavern for the night.

In the middle of the night, the party was aroused by the guards to help defend the town. Fred was also released from prison under the condition that he would help fight. Their weapons were returned to them to help, and upon defeating the orcs who had climbed the outer walls, they were permitted to keep their weapons inside the town and Fred was granted his freedom from incarceration.

After slaying around a dozen orcs at one gate with the help of a couple guards, while several guards handled the other gate, the party was permitted to return to the tavern to sleep, but would be awakened if another assault came in. However, the night passed without issue.

The next morning, the party awoke, had breakfast goop, and talked to the ranger (he had also helped the fight last night), and learned of an orc stronghold to the northeast of the town. This reinforced the rumor they had heard from the priest in the temple, who simply mentioned an orc encampment.

Armed with this new knowledge, the party prepared to venture out in search of the orc stronghold.


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