Strange Happenings


..How'd we get here???

As the bright white light faded away, the party found themselves stripped of all of their gear, trapped in individual cages in the slave pen outside the manor. Standing in the afternoon sun, the party slowly regained their vision. They saw three other humanoids trapped in similar cages. The two dwarves appeared beaten and worked nearly to death, but the third, a human man, seemed in a bit better shape. The party all appeared to be in whatever they were wearing underneath their armor (in Nope’s case… nothing…), except Barrick, who was in dark grey robes with purple…ish… trim, similar to those of the priestess in the Temple of Era. Barrick called to the head of the orc guards, who ignored him and walked away toward the front of the manor. Ignored by the leader, Barrick called to another one of the orc guards and persuaded him to release him from his cage. However, when another orc noticed, he killed the first. This then resulted in a continuous stream of orcs trying to release him and being killed by their cohorts, until only one remained. Unconvinced by Barrick , and terrified by the ensuing chaos, he fled to the nearby worg pen and released the worgs to have their way with the prisoners. Eventually, the party members escaped their cages – some by the skills of Fred and others by the worgs ripping apart their cages in search of lunch. Seeing a potential opportunity for escape, the strange man in the nearby cage also broke his cage open through sheer force. However, they realized as they escaped their cages that Nope had turned to stone…

The party fought hard, but fighting without Nope, and surrounded by a pack of worgs, assisted by a displacer beast — also released by the last remaining orc — they were doomed to fail. Suddenly, everyone was blinded, and heard the sound of blazing fire. They recovered their vision just in time to see a column of fire disappearing. The displacer beast stood unmoving, and everything else had been vaporized. The party looked around and found Tellahna standing before them in her robes. She walked over to Barrick , demanding he tell her what he had done. Extremely confused, Barrick relayed her the events of the last day (as he remembered them). Tellahna informed them that the woman who was in the basement was an impersonator who was to be avoided. And any further association with her would be accepted by Tellahna as betrayal. She gave Barrick a decision – retract his commitment to the woman in the basement and she’d revert what had been done, or she would no longer accept him as her follower and would eventually hunt him down.

Although unsure of what exactly was going on, he chose to continue to follower her. Tellahna instructed Vish to punch him if he moved while she was casting, and sure enough, as she began to cast a spell on him, he changed his mind. As he stood up, Vish punched him, knocking him unconscious. Tellahna healed him back to consciousness and asked him for a final decision. He chose her again and this time, after she began casting, he didn’t move. She healed him and the rest of the party fully, as well as the mysterious stranger who stood watching the entire affair. Tellahna told the party that they’d find their equipment inside in the rooms they had slept in when they were last inside the manor. Then, she muttered a few words and tapped Greg on the shoulder before walking away toward the fog. Greg then saw a concealed door in the side wall of the manor.

The party followed Greg through the door into the manor, which entered near the gnolls’ quarters, where they had previously slept. The party members spread out and retrieved their gear from the rooms they had slept in, and prepared for their upcoming day. After donning their armor and exercising (…Nope…), during which Barrick and V attempted to identify their magical items, the party resumed venturing throughout the manor. Figuring that a potential safe room for resting would be a good thing to find, they went to the room with the sign on it that said “No Entry by order of Zargath.” Fred unlocked the door, and the party ventured through finding two large birds who had a nearly cadaverous look to them. The birds stood over a nest containing three eggs, stepping defensively between the door and the nest when Nope entered the room. Deciding this room looked like a good resting room, with the exception of the birds, Nope decided the birds should be exterminated. He stepped forward to attack…

A couple minutes later, the birds had been dispatched of, with one minor problem… The birds apparently had a special attribute. Anyone who they attacked could potentially be petrified. So, yet again, Nope became a Nope Statue. Unable to do anything about it, and aware of the time of day, the party decided to lean the Nope Statue against the door to secure it shut.

End 5 Feb Session

When the party awoke, they found everything just as they left it – an empty nest (they had taken the eggs after the fight), 2 dead birds, and a Nope Statue against the door. They prepared for the day, and V walked over and to everyone’s amazement, tossed Nope’s statue gently into the corner. They proceeded to the library, the room they had previously entered, and went into the library to purge it of orcs. During the fight, four of the six human slaves escaped, V was deafened, and the orcs were finally dispatched……… after an orc blew up the alchemy table in the corner, burning the entire corner where V had previously stood. After the last few orcs were dead, the party looked again to the south end of the room (where V had been standing), which was entirely engulfed in flames surrounding a humanoid-shaped creature that appeared to be made of the fire itself. After several minutes of the creature standing, staring expressionless and great confusion among the party, the fire instantly subsided and V stood where the creature had been, dazed.

As V recovered from his dazed state (and had no idea what had happened), the party collected the two remaining human slaves and brought them along to the main hallway. Fred decided to go find out what was in the room next to the library before they ventured through the doors at the end of the main hall. Fred unlocked the simple door to the room across the hall from the library, and found two orcs inside, which the party quickly dispatched. They they took anything that looked potentially valuable (or useful) from the orc’s armory.

Finally, they went to the door at the end of the hall. Behind the door hung a curtain, behind which was nothing but darkness. Nope was the first to step through the solid black illusory wall, and found himself in a large room, surrounded by orcs. The rest of the party followed. Looking around, the party saw several familiar faces, including the female orc from Candlebrook, the large orc with the huge double axe from outside, and Gurn, the gnome who owned the tiny magic shop in the Initial Town. The orc holding the double axe looked at them, and offered a proposition. Nope‘s hammer was pulled from behind the throne and offered to him if he won a duel with the familiar female orc. The orcs made a ring around the center of the room for them to fight in, and Nope defeated her with relative ease. Suddenly, Gurn made a break for the door, and asked to leave, saying he hadn’t had a chance to escape until now, and that they needed to let him out. V didn’t believe him, but Gurn tackled Fred out the door. V stepped out of the room and roasted the gnome with a ray of scorching fire from his hand. He stepped back into the room in time to hear the large orc say that if anything happened to Gurn, they would pay. The orcs then offered one more proposition — the adventurers may have their lives if they dispatch the creature in the basement of the orc stronghold. The orcs informed them that they would be escorted to the sarcophagus that the orcs believed was the entrance, but they were unsure of how to open it. As Vish stepped out of the room first, she saw Gurn‘s roasted body in the hallway and quickly scooped it up, carrying it to the arena in the center of the building and stuffing it in the chest behind the chair. Meanwhile, V, still deaf, attempted to buy time with the orcs, asking lots of questions (only half of which made sense, since he can’t read lips very well…), desperately hoping that Vish was doing something with Gurn’s corpse.

After buying as much time as he could, V went cooperatively with the orcs to the Trophy Room, where they had previously killed several orcs and a wight — and an orc wight — and were told to figure out how to open it. Having previously opened it, Nope reached in and pressed the button to open the sarcophagus floor. The orcs remained there, armed, until all the party members had jumped down the sarcophagus (again), back into the darkness…


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