Strange Happenings

A New Beginning

A quick recap of the events that I missed previously…

Mictian, Thein, Lily, Xi (ξ), and Rhun awoke in a dead-end cave, finding a set of jailbars barring the entrance. They found out that they were being held for the murder of Arlyna, the daughter of the town’s mayor. Soon an extremely attractive drow, Melody, came to the entrance of the jail and made a deal with the guard to have the others released, although they were not allowed to leave the town, as long as they helped solve the murder that they claimed they had not committed.

With the permission of Byl, the captain of the town guard, the newly united party members began their search for Arlyna’s murderer. Upon inspection of her body, no clues were discovered as to her murderer.

They continued to explore the town, and discovered a letter hidden in the town hall that (after an extended period of time) Lily opened, and only she read before the text disappeared from the paper.

The investigation eventually led to the mayor’s house, where the party discovered some disturbing things. The party went to Arlyna‘s room to conduct an extended search. However, they quickly discovered that they were unable to exit the room due to magical barriers. So, stuck in the room, Lily eventually discovered a button on Arlyna’s floor-to-ceiling mirror that opened it to a descending stone staircase (with a screaming alarm going off…).

After descending the long stone staircase, the party discovered a row of cells, one of which contained a small, scared girl who looked identical to the dead Arlyna out front of the house (except very much alive). Confused but intrigued, Lily picked the lock to free the young girl and comfort her. After a couple minutes, the party continued down the hallway with the young girl, who also called herself Arlyna. At the end, they found a door that opened into a room that looked like a bedroom, with several suits of armor in it. Shortly after, while the party was exploring the room, Byl arrived. After a short confrontation with several guards (in which one was killed) and a discussion with Byl, the party agreed to return through the hallway to the mayor’s house, rather than through the door in this room. They discovered that Byl just wanted to protect Arlyna, and knew that the Arlyna on the front lawn was some kind of imposter. He informed the party that he and Arlyna needed to leave, but asked Lily if she would take care of Arlyna in the near future.

The party departed Byl‘s room through the tunnel, into the mayor’s house, and made their way out of the mayor’s house (Arlyna’s door was no longer blocked by the magical barrier). Xi, having transformed to appear as Byl, descended the steps ahead of the others and flew out front onto the front lawn. However, as he stepped down the mayor’s front steps, he realized that the town he saw from on the steps was an illusion. He stepped down the steps into the hands of nearly 2 dozen armored guards, already holding Mictian in custody. They quickly took him into custody, as well. As Rhun and Thein descended the steps, seeing no one outside, they figured the others would be somewhere nearby. Stepping down off the steps, they realized the illusion and saw Mictian and Xi in the custody of the guards and quickly joined them under arrest. Finally, after swinging the mirror closed, Lily and Melody descnded the steps and exited the house, falling prey to the same illusion and being arrested by the guards.

As the party looked around to question the guards’ motives, they noticed a tall man on a white horse. He wore full plate mail armor with a maroon shading to it, trimmed in gold, with the symbol of an open palm in the center of his chest.

As the party looked around, they noticed the same symbol and color scheme on all the other guards (most of whom were half-orcs and humans), but with silver trim rather than gold. They carried several varying weapons, including halberds (for those on horses carrying banners), swords, and battleaxes, and some carried shields displaying the same color scheme and symbol.

Lily and Xi looked up to him and questioned the reason for their arrest. He removed his helmet, revealing a strangely attractive half-orc with bright red-orange hair slicked/pulled back into a braid about shoulder length. He then informed them that they were being arrested for multiple counts of murder — Arlyna and the guard in the mayor’s house — and would be escorted to the capital city for sentencing.

The party was then immediately arranged throughout a block of guards, blindfolded, and escorted to the capital city, a 2.5-day journey on foot. They stopped twice along the way, but the guard was vigilant in their watch, and none of the prisoners escaped.

After the journey, the party members’ blindfolds were removed and they saw a strange blue wall rise up before them, nearly 100 feet into the air, and spreading nearly as far to either side as they could see. It seems safe to presume that the blue wall is constructed by magic.


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